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  • Formulated with cleansing technology
    Designed to offer better sludge prevention and removal, which is important for multi-fuel vehicles.
  • Formulated for multi-fuel vehicles
    Reduces the risk of water separation to minimise corrosion.
  • Good oxidation stability
    Resists oil degradation throughout the oil change interval.

Helps to prevent water separation by keeping water dispersed throughout the oil as an emulsion

Shell Helix HX6 Flex is a synthetic technology motor oil, specifically designed to clean and protect multi-fuel vehicles for reduced engine noise. Multi-fuel engines can produce water and deposits, particularly during short journeys. Shell Helix HX6 Flex works hard to continuously prevent sludge build-up and keep water locked away, thus helping to prolong the life of your engine.

Shell Helix HX6 Flex is suitable for fuel-injection engines fitted with blow-by-gas recirculation that use gasoline, ethanol or mixtures of both, or gas or multi-fuels.

Shell Helix tests

To clean and protect an engine, the oil must continue to perform until it is removed when the car is serviced. With some manufacturers recommending longer service intervals, an oil’s ability to stay fit is even more important. Throughout the oil’s life, it has to disperse more and more dirt – keeping it locked away and preventing it from being redeposited in the engine.

Our scientists perform a variety of tests that measure the ability of Shell Helix oils to resist breakdown and disperse dirt. We also test our competitors’ oils, so that we can benchmark our lubricants and demonstrate the benefits of using Shell Helix oils.

Why you should use Shell Helix HX6 Flex:

  1. Designed to help prevent sludge from forming and to remove existing deposits.
  2. Contains special additives that help to prevent corrosion.
  3. Uses active cleansing technology to improve engine efficiency for a smoother, quieter drive.
  4. Contains high quality base oils which resist oil volatility and therefore oil consumption and the need for top-up.

Specifications and approvals

Because lubricants vary in quality, universal criteria are used to describe oil performance and usage. Shell Helix motor oils not only meet these increasingly demanding international specifications but usually surpass them. Shell Helix HX6 meets these specifications: API SL/CF; ACEA A2. And unlike some competitors’ motor oils, Shell Helix HX6 Flex passes the new E-85 emulsion-retention test.
Compared with a normal mineral oil (API SG/CD)

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