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  • Better engine protection
    Shell Helix Diesel Ultra continually prevents soot deposits from building-up on engine surfaces.
  • Longer protection thanks to enhanced oxidisation resistance
    Up to 30% more protection than other fully synthetic leading brands tested.

Helps clean and protect for Shell’s maximum performance

Modern cars have extended service intervals, which can put increased stress on the oil and the engine parts, and can lead to reduced responsiveness and performance. They also have sensitive exhaust after-treatment devices that are designed to clean emissions. Phosphorus and sulphur are elements found in the antioxidant and anti-wear additives that keep the oil fresh and protect the engine. All engines burn some oil, which releases these elements and produces ash from the detergents. Sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur (SAPS) can harm the performance of exhaust after-treatment devices.

Diesel particulate filters trap exhaust soot, which is then burned to regenerate the filter, but the ash is not removed and can clog the filter, which increases the exhaust backpressure. Exhaust system catalysts can be poisoned by phosphorus, and the time they take to start working (the light-off time) can be increased. DeNOx traps remove nitrogen oxides from exhaust emissions; sulphur can poison these devices and make them less effective.

Low-SAPS oil

Shell Helix Diesel Ultra Extra is a low-SAPS, or low-ash, motor oil that provides long life for exhaust after-treatment devices. It delivers Shell’s ultimate cleansing, which helps engines to operate efficiently, for Shell’s maximum performance and protection, while maintaining fuel economy. The oil in a clean engine can flow more quickly to where it is needed and has improved access to surfaces, so that the engine is better protected.

The outstanding cleansing power and shear and oxidation stability of Shell Helix Diesel Ultra Extra mean that it goes on delivering its benefits throughout the oil-change interval.

Shell Helix Diesel Ultra Extra is specifically formulated for turbocharged and intercooled, direct-injection, high-performance diesel engines that are fitted with blow-by-gas and exhaust-gas recirculation, and particulate filters. It meets vehicle manufacturers’ extended service specifications and has formulations for different fuels, engines and environmental conditions.

Protecting your emissions system

Many new diesel cars have exhaust after-treatment devices that are designed to clean exhaust emissions. These devices can be harmed by the sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur (sometimes abbreviated to SAPS) contained in most oils. Shell Helix Diesel Ultra Extra is formulated with minimal quantities of these substances in order to maintain the performance of the sensitive exhaust-gas treatment systems. Particulate filters are highly effective in the elimination of particulate matter or soot from diesel exhaust emissions.

Shell Helix tests

To clean and protect an engine, the oil must continue to perform until it is removed when the car is serviced. With some manufacturers recommending longer service intervals, an oil’s ability to stay fit is even more important. Throughout the oil’s life, it has to disperse more and more dirt – keeping it locked away and preventing it from being redeposited in the engine.

Our scientists perform a variety of tests that measure the ability of Shell Helix oils to resist breakdown and disperse dirt. We also test our competitors’ oils, so that we can benchmark our lubricants and demonstrate the benefits of using Shell Helix oils.

Why you should use Shell Helix Diesel Ultra Extra:

  1. Prevents unwanted ash build-up that would otherwise block the vital exhaust-gas flow.
  2. High levels of antioxidant give excellent oxidation protection.
  3. Greater fuel efficiency and easier cold starting.
  4. Maintains viscosity and stays in grade throughout the oil-change interval.
  5. Reduces oil volatility and therefore oil consumption and the need for top-up.

Recommended by Scuderia Ferrari

Shell Helix Oil is the only motor oil Scuderia Ferrari recommends. That’s why Shell Helix is inside not just every Ferrari Gran Turismo car that leaves Maranello, but also every Ferrari Formula One car at every race.

Specifications and approvals

Because lubricants vary in quality, universal criteria are used to describe oil performance and usage. Shell Helix motor oils not only meet these increasingly demanding international specifications but usually surpass them. Shell Helix Diesel Ultra Extra exceeds these specifications: ACEA C2/C3; BMW-LL-04; MB approval 229.51; VW 504 00/507 00; Fiat 9.55535 S1 (meets requirements); PSA B712290; Porsche C30.

Compared with a normal mineral oil (API SG/CD)

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