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The special formulation of Shell Advance 4T AX3 Cold Start helps your bike to start reliably in cold temperatures. It is specially designed for underbones and mopeds that have small, hard-working engines, requiring reliable oil performance for continuous protection. Shell Advance 4T AX3 Cold Start offers high oil-performance reliability to help protect and clean your engine between oil changes.

Key features of Shell Advance 4T AX3 Cold Start:

  • Protection against valve train wear.
  • Removal of sludge and engine deposits.
  • Easy start in cold temperatures.
  • Shell Advance's R.C.E* Technology helps your bike perform to its peak potential, and respond to your slightest touch.

*RCE = Reliability of oil-performance, Control, Enjoyable ride.

Available viscosity grade: SAE J 300 10W-30 and SW-30. All formulation meets: API SG, JASO MA. 

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